Dr. Sumbul Desai, Apple Health VP recently opened up on the subject of keeping its users healthy as a responsibility.


During her interview with Rene Ritchie on YouTube, the executive mentioned how the company is working to change health and wellness perception in order to encourage users to be proactive about their own well-being.

Desai said that people usually associate healthcare as being only needed when they’re sick, and that they usually think about being well as the focal point of fitness and wellness. The VP then stated that the goal is to bring the two terms together and think about health as staying healthy and being the best a person could be. She went on further and said that Apple devices could be used in unique ways, particularly partnering with the individual to keep them healthy.

Aside from examples such as Fitness+ and the Apple Watch, Desai says that iOS 15 focus modes and Screen Time helps with mental health and lets users not get attached to their devices too much.


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