Apple execs tout Apple Maps advantage versus competition

Apple executives recently explained the benefits of using Apple Maps in a CNN interview.

Meg Frost and David Dorn, design and product leads for Apple Maps spoke with CNN about the app’s overhaul and features as introduced in iOS 15.

Apple Maps

Frost mentioned how there are new improvements in navigation and directions, particularly ones that apply for biking, walking, driving and taking public transit. He said that users should be able to take in a complex intersection faster than ever, with visual upgrades and safety in tow.

3D landmarks and globe have made appearances as well, which Frost says ‘accurately represents the size of countries’. Near the end, the Apple execs mentioned that Apple Maps should be the preferred navigation option due to the company’s continued investment, Apple ecosystem integration and privacy.

Apple Maps’ end result gives users a cognitive load off and allow them to concentrate on where they’re going.