Apple extends developer app rule changes until June 30


Apple is giving more time for developers to make the necessary changes in their app to follow the new App Store guidelines.

Apple Extends Developer App Rule

The Apple Developer site was recently updated with Apple extending the deadline and implementing several rules. First was the subject of virtual events- review guideline says that developers must have their online group services tethered to in-app purchases.

The second rule change involves account deletion, particularly those that offer account creation options within the app. To make it easy for users to start fresh and reduce user data, developers must offer a ‘delete’ option in-app. Furthermore, this option must be ‘easy to find’ and should allow the user to delete their personal data along with the account.

Initially, the deadline given for these rule changes was until January 31. However, it has been extended as it’s difficult to implement the App Store. With June 30 as the new deadline there should be enough time to implement app changes.

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