Apple extends WFH plan till June 2021

Apple will reportedly continue to have most of its employees work from home at least until June 2021. Bloomberg covered the story of Apple’s internal town hall meeting at which major Tim Cook CEO announced the extended Work From Home (WFH) plan and others like Johny Srouji, SVP of Hardware Technology, announced the plan of making in-house cellular modems.

The whole world has mostly been in some sort of a lockdown since March of this year (2020). However, restrictions have begun to head towards relaxation starting since June, and companies have asked teams which require office space or special equipment to come back. Of course, the strategies differ from company to company with some requiring employees to work from office on alternate days – by dividing teams into half.

Apple extends WFH plan till June 2021

“There’s no replacement for face-to-face collaboration, but we have also learned a great deal about how we can get our work done outside of the office without sacrificing productivity or results,” Cook reportedly said to the staff, according to Bloomberg’s report. “All of these learnings are important. When we’re on the other side of this pandemic, we will preserve everything that is great about Apple while incorporating the best of our transformations this year.”

Tim Cook has stressed on the fact that “face-to-face” collaboration is crucial in the kind of work it does. However, he also added that the success the company has tasted while working from home most of this year, could allow for some flexible “remote work” plans in the future. Regardless of the success, Cook and the whole of Apple (mostly senior) executives are reportedly “eager” to get back to office as soon as possible.

Apple’s Headquarters is located in Santa Clara County which has ordered companies to allow work from home until the end of 2020 if possible.