Apple eyes India expansion in manufacturing and retail aspects

Mint says that Apple is planning to expand its retail and manufacturing arm in India.

Apple has been steadily moving production out of China, due to unrest and manufacturing issues, and it seems that India is part of the strategy. A senior industry executive claims that iPhone production in the region will be tripled over the next two years after a considerable facility expansion. Furthermore, the Cupertino-based company may be aiming to launch 100 retail stores to boost its presence and sales.


Foxconn is aiming to quadruple its production employees in the span of two years. Also, the company has invested $500 million to further improve its chip manufacturing business. The Times of India says that Tata Group intends to make franchise stores in India through a tie-up with Indiniti Retail.

The expansion is revealed after Apple plans to open a non-affiliate store in India. The Mumbai flagship store is expected to launch in 2023.