Apple recently went on a trademark filing spree, notably one for the name ‘realityproOS’.


Trademark filings were discovered on Mondy from a shell company believed to be Apple’s. ‘xrProOS’ was registered, and a quick succession of others joined the fray. It’s believed that the terms would be for the upcoming Apple VR software and hardware. Immersive Health Solutions LLC, which may be an Apple shell company, claimed a trademark for ‘realityproOS’. The company has filed for similar terms such as ‘Reality Processor’, ‘Reality Pro’, and ‘Reality One’ in the past.

Like the ‘xrProOS’ filing, the ‘realityproOS’ was listed in Jamaica on May 1. The region is the choice for companies who like to keep things on the down low as it doesn’t have a searchable online database. It’s rumored that Apple is filing multiple trademarks in order to have multiple options and protect the terms from being used by other companies.


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