Apple Fleet To Start Touring Canada To Improve Apple Maps Data

Apple is getting ready to provide a better Apple Maps experience in Canada by having a fleet of cars drive there all summer.

The car fleet will be equipped with sensors to collect landmarks, signage and road details to improve their navigation app. The information will be uploaded to the rebuilt Apple Maps dataset. Furthermore, the company said that the data will be used for future product updates that’s in line with local regulations.

Apple Maps

Right now Apple is using ground truth cars to acquire mapping features, but there are others who will want to experience the same ones as what Google Street View offers. As of today, Apple isn’t making any changes but Apple Map users may be hearing something, especially in the iOS 13 announcement.

Apple will be sending their ground truth cars to the following areas- Saskatchewan, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Labrador, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta. Data collection is expected to begin in May and end in November.