Apple focuses on accessibility features and services in upcoming updates


Apple has recently announced that it will be expanding its accessibility features and services through a new initiative. Included are new features that help people with disabilities and a platform that can pair up consumers with sign language interpreters.


The new software updates will be added later this year and specifically aid people with cognitive, hearing, vision and mobility-impaired conditions.

Apple wrote how next gen technology showcases its belief on how accessibility is a ‘human right’ and advance products that can be customized for every user.

Apple Watch has a feature called AssistiveTouch, where machine learning, heart rate and motion sensors detect subtle tendon and muscle activity in order to operate the smartwatch and without having to tap the display.

The iPhone will have a VoiceOver feature and allow low vision and blind users to explore information about objects, text and people in images. The iPad will have 3rd party eye tracking support. There’s also an MFi, or Made for iPhone update that will support audiograms and bi-directional hearing aids via Headphone Accommodations.

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