Steve Jobs biographer says Apple is ‘a force for good’


Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson has sided with Apple in the conversation of Apple vs Facebook. He said that the company is “a force for good” and also added that Facebook needs to be more responsible.  

Steve Jobs biographer says Apple is 'a force for good'

“I think we always have to worry about whether tech is a force for good,” said Isaacson in an interview with Yahoo Finance. “I think Apple actually is, in general, because it’s both protecting our privacy, and it’s not basing its entire business model on the advertising model, which means harvesting all of your information and microtargeting things to you.”

Apple has always been a company that gives importance to the privacy of its users. The company has focused heavily on security of its devices, since the golden days of Steve Jobs. During the early days of the iPhone, Jobs had talked at length about the ways in which the App Store keeps users safe and secure from the harmful malware out on the internet.

Facebook, on the other hand, has always focussed more on growth compared to its users privacy. The important point to note is that the company does indeed run a business which requires it to collect data from users to make sure that it is able to specifically target ads. However, with the growing use of the internet, the talk of privacy has shifted dramatically and the social networking needs to make major changes if it wishes to stand in the new “private” world of the internet.

The social networking giant Facebook has also been on a rampant move to kill its competition. The company has successfully acquired its competitors such as Instagram and WhatsApp. The company also tried to acquire Snapchat but its request was rejected. However, the company ended up ripping off Snapchat features – implemented the Stories feature in Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.  

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