Apple freezes online store in Russia


As part of the protest against Russia’s action towards Ukraine, Apple will be stopping sales on its Russian website.

Apple Freezes

Apple confirmed that it will shut down online retail operations amid the ongoing conflict. Russian locals and media outlets have reported the stoppage prior to the Cupertino-based company’s official statement.

Apple joins other companies who are pulling out of the Russian Federation. In addition, it will stop export of Apple goods in Russian sales channels, as reported by Bloomberg. Sputnik News and RT News have been blocked from the App Store.

A statement saying that it’s ‘deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine’ has been announced. The Moscow Times posted on Twitter that both Nike and Apple have temporarily suspended sales on its respective Russian websites.

In similar news, economic sanctions have been leveled against Russia, including the stoppage of Google Pay and Apple Pay payment services in the region.

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