Apple likely preparing for a wireless future by not packing charger in box

Fresh reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities suggests that Apple will not pack a charger in the upcoming iPhone 12’s box. Since then, people have taken to Twitter to support the idea of not packing a charger in the box or to bash Apple for even considering such an option.

There are various reasons Apple is considering not packing a wall adaptor in the box. According to people with some information regarding the move say that it is to adjust the price of the iPhone as it increases heavily due to the addition of 5G bands while some suggest its to reduce the environmental impact or some go as far as to say that the company is looking for ways to make more money by selling wall adaptors separately.

Apple likely preparing for a wireless future by not packing charger in box

The iPhone 12 will come in four different variants – the 5.4” iPhone 12, the 6.1” iPhone 12, the 6.1” iPhone 12 Pro, and 6.7” iPhone 12 Pro Max. It has been reported that all these devices will ship without a wall adaptor and also Apple’s Earpods which is not a big surprise as most people have moved onto wireless earbuds. 

Some tech analysts say that Apple is setting the base for its future iPhones which will have no ports as they will charge wirelessly fastly. Current generation wireless chargers are very slow compared to wired chargers but that will very likely change in the future as the technology improves.

It was previously reported that Apple was considering replacing the Lightning port on the iPhone with an all new USB-C port but that report has been rubbished since then. New reports suggest that Apple will never move to using USB-C on its iPhone but will move to a completely wireless experience in the next few years.