Future of Apple devices: Wireless charging


Wireless charging is a neat feature: it allows users to charge their devices without requiring them to fiddle with wires. While it’s good, it’s not very good at what it does: its slow compared to wired charging. However, the tech could improve in the future and offer better charging speeds when devices are being charged wirelessly.

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The current line-up of iPhones support wireless charging. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max – all support wireless charging. Basically, Apple does not sell any iPhone which lacks the wireless charging feature.

However, it would be nice if Apple could add wireless charging feature to the iPads and in the far away future to the MacBooks as well. The iPads are very similar to the iPhones – just larger versions of the iPhone, except for the fact that the new iPadOS introduces new iPads specific features. It would be nice if the iPad could be charged wirelessly as it would harmonize the charging system for all Apple devices.

The case of MacBooks charging wirelessly at crazy high speeds (200W+) is the future I would want to live in. Place the laptop on the mat for a few minutes and in the very far away future, just for a few seconds and that is it. The MacBook is fully charged.

Having wireless charging feature on all Apple products is the future the company should look forward to as it would help its customers breeze through between their set of devices. Apple has always talked about the harmony its devices bring by connecting them together using features like Continuity. Wireless charging is the next feature that the company could brag about.

What do you think about Apple adding support for wireless charging across all its product lines? Comment your thoughts down below.


Abhay Ram

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