Apple gets served with $1 Billion App Store fee lawsuit

A new class-action lawsuit versus Apple was served in the UK.

More than 1,500 developers in the UK handed Apple a lawsuit, saying that the App Store’s fee was ‘excessive’ and claimed that it’s the result of an app distribution monopoly. Reuters reports that the group filed a lawsuit because they felt that the fees were exorbitant and that Apple could get away with it because of its position. The group will be bringing the lawsuit to the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal and has partnered with Geradin Partners for legal advice.


Apple currently has a standing charge of up to 30% commission on platform transactions. This fee has been under fire from developers and world governments alike, including multiple organizations and companies. Apple countered by saying that 85% of developers do not pay commission fees and that the access helps European-based developers reach customers and markets across 175 countries.