Apple gifts Mac Studio desk to creators

Apple recently partnered up with Jonathan Morrison, a YouTuber, in giving away two Mac Studio setups to creators.

Morrison posted a tweet Monday, saying how Apple reached out and wanted to have a Mac Studio giveaway to musicians. The whole setup includes a Studio Display and a Mac Studio, along with an iPhone, AirPods, and iPad. Morrison explained how he added iLoud Micro Speakers and an Apogee Symphony Desktop.

Apple Gifts Mac Studio Desk

The YouTuber’s choice was two members of Ni/Co, who have long since received the setups. Morrison created a video on YouTube for this event which is available to watch on his official YouTube channel.

Apple held a similar event in May this year, calling it a ‘Dream Studio Makeover’ and partnering with Cam Blumberg and Jared Polin to find a recipient for the setup. Polin was chosen and was given a HomePod mini, Mac Studio, Studio Display, iPhone 13 Pro Max, a 14-inch MacBook Pro, and a Magic Trackpad and Keyboard.