Apple has partnered with AERF, or the Applied Environmental Research Foundation to preserve the mangrove population in India.


Alibaug is a region in Raigad, India and has thousands of mangroves that can help curb climate change. The benefits of mangrove forests are many- its roots can prevent monsoons, tsunamis, rising tides and hurricanes, as well as absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Unfortunately the mangrove population is threatened by activities such as logging, fishing and farming. For this reason Apple believes that a symbiotic relationship be formed between the trees and the local community via ‘alternative and sustainable industries’.

The story is highlighted in the Apple Newsroom page, detailing villagers living in Alibaug and how AERF is learning from their experience and knowledge to protect the precious resource. 

Apple has also worked with non-profit organization Conservation International in restoring and protecting 27,000 acres of mangroves in Cispata Bay, Colombia in 2019.


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