Apple Glass will depend on the iPhone for processing

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
Apple Glass will depend on the iPhone for processing

Few years ago, the Mac (or any desktop platform) used to be the main hub for setting up other devices such as phones, tablets, etc. However,in the past few years, the scenario has changed completely – phones are considered as the most important tools now.

People do not connect their phones to desktops or laptops anymore to set-up, sync their data, or to install apps. Smartphones are now more than capable to do everything locally – install apps, store data (locally or on the cloud), and in some cases – mobile devices are turning out to be faster than some traditional computers.

Apple Glass will depend on the iPhone for processing

Apple Glass is a major new product in pipeline

Apple Glass is the most hyped product in the pipeline right now. Of course, Apple is scheduled to release new iPhones, new iPads, and new Mac computers. Also, there is news of the company introducing new Mini-LED displays on a majority of their devices. However, these devices are not new, they are just receiving some new treatment – new internals.

Apple Glass will depend on the iPhone for processing

The Apple Glass on the other hand will be a completely new product (a new experience). Augmented Reality (AR) is not new by any means, phones have AR apps but using them on phones is just not fun. Google did try its hand at augmented reality (AR) back in 2013 with the Google Glass but it failed to bring anything positive about it.

Apple is reportedly working on its own augmented reality (AR) glasses which will release sometime in 2021 (unveiled at least). According to famed Apple leakster, Apple will unveil its augmented reality (glasses) in 2021 and release it to the public in 2022. As the product is new, the glasses will reportedly depend on the iPhone to do most of the processing.

Glasses have to be thin and light – not bulky headsets – as a result, Apple will reportedly not pack much of hardware in its AR glasses but rather make them depend on the iPhone.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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