Apple glass might feature Auto-Adjust lenses for better eyesight

Apple recently filed a patent for a headset or smart glasses that have the ability to automatically adjust its lens for better eyesight.

Titled ‘tunable and foveated lens systems’, the Cupertino-based company touched upon hardware that could be used without having to wear prescription glasses. The technology will have lenses that adjust accordingly so the user can see well.

Apple Glass

Smart glasses have an inherent problem of needing the user to wear his or her glasses in order to see. Manufacturers could add prescription lenses in the picture but this will make production costs higher and make for a more expensive device.

Apple proposes a stack for each eye that can be made from liquid crystal, such as an Alvarez or fluid-filled lens. It can have multiple cells that are modulated by optical material and sandwiched between substrates and electrodes.

As a disclaimer, patents are an indication of future products but it’s not a 100% guarantee that the technology will come to fruition.