Apple Grosse Brockenheimer Strasse Store reopens

The Apple Store in Frankfurt, Germany has reopened to the public after a few months of renovation.

Apple Grosse Brockenheimer Strasse is now available for customers to browse the latest Apple products and make purchases. While in renovation mode, the glass windows were taped and covered to hide the progress going inside. In addition, there was a sign that mentioned the store would be coming back in September. Apple pointed customers to the online store listing where they could find the nearest Apple Store in their area.


The Apple Store opened on Saturday before closing on Sunday to observe operating hours. The store offers Today at Apple sessions, which will go live on Monday. The opening follows a report that the Cupertino-based company has slowed down the pace of new stores and instead working to relocate or renovate existing locations.

The Grosse Brockenheimer Strasse store is the latest to open to the public after renovation work.