Apple Has A Patent That Solves Apple Watch Camera Angles

Apple Watch cameras are the next evolutional step to becoming independent of the iPhone. Today’s patent reveals what Apple is planning to do next.

The camera is placed into the band instead of the Watch. Users can then pull out the band whenever they wish to take a photo and angle it in any way they desire. Being flexible, the camera can rotate to the end to capture the perfect shot.

The extended portion can become semi-rigid to become a user-set camera for FaceTime purposes. The patent also discusses the addition of a second camera on the opposite side for 360-degree video capability. Apple has added a few ways to take a shot- by pinching the band, speaking a command, pressing a button on the band or on the display screen.

The Cupertino-based company states that this patent could allow Apple Watch wearers to do more without an iPhone as they hike, swim, snowboard or do physical activities.

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