Apple Headset expected to arrive in 2023


The New York Times recently reported several features of the upcoming Apple Headset.

Apple Headset

According to the report, Apple has enlisted the help of Jon Favreau and other Hollywood directors to produce video content for the mixed reality headset. It’s believed that the Apple Headset will be available to the public next year.

As far as WWDC 2022 and headset announcements are concerned it’s not clear if Apple will reveal the product on June 6. However, it’s expected that the Cupertino-based company will unveil software tools that allow Apps to voice and camera functionality within a hands-free interface.

The NYT also revealed that Apple hired Mike Rockwell, a Dolby Technologies engineer to lead the development of the Apple Headset. However, issues such as battery power and weak computing power led to the delay until 2023.

Also, the publication said that the product had been divisive and at least two employees left Apple due to human interaction concerns.

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