Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that Apple’s newest mixed reality headset was shown off to the company’s top executives in the Steve Jobs Theater.


Gurman mentioned in his latest ‘Power On’ newsletter that the move was intended to rally Apple’s top executives around the upcoming product. It’s believed that senior execs already got a peek of the device in 2018, but last week’s presentation was a showcase and preview, which was ‘polished, glitzy, and exciting.’

The Apple headset will likely encounter early problems, including a high price tag, limited media content, an uncomfortable design, lack of a killer app, and a low-capacity battery. Apple executives understand that the device won’t be a hit right away and follow a trajectory similar to the Apple Watch. Gurman says that the first model of the headset will ‘look like a dud next to Apple’s existing products’ but the move will position Apple as the market leader after a few months.


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