Apple headset to have three displays

The newest rumor for the upcoming Apple VR/AR headset suggests that it will not have two, but three displays.

Ross Young, a display analyst mentioned that the mixed reality display will have a single AMOLED panel and two micro OLEDs, which will be supplied by Sony. Young iterates that the two micro OLEDs are the main screens but did not say what or how the AMOLED display will be used.

Apple Headset

AMOLED displays have a limitation in VR technology since the pixels are deemed too big. Apple adding it to its headset might mean a secondary display for peripheral vision.

Sony recently unveiled a 4K display meant to be used in VR headsets, which could mean that they will be supplying Apple’s mixed reality headset. Young says that the technology ‘comes at a high price’, and could mean that the upcoming product could cost a few thousand dollars, a sentiment that has been echoed by Apple analysts.