Apple Health Sync and iPhone support arrive for OPPO Band and Watch

iPhone and OPPO Band and Watch owners will now be able to use their wearables on their smartphones, as well as Apple Health syncing thanks to the recently released HeyTap Health companion app appearing on the App Store.

The HeyTap app unlocks connectivity between OPPO wearables and the iPhone for fitness data tracking purposes. Some of the things users can do include sync data on Apple Health, customize health and workout settings and personalize their OPPO Band and Watch faces.

The app can also track SpO2 data and give the users information regarding their daily activity goals, heart rate and sleep quality. Linking to iOS notification unlocks iPhone notifications straight from the owners’ wrists.

Oppo Band and Watch products are available to buy globally since last year. It has some similarities to the Apple Watch in terms of design.

The HeyTap app is free to download and available now on the App Store.

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