Apple highlights ‘Model of Hope’ efforts by Ghana

Apple recently ran a post regarding Ghana’s AIDS efforts and how the ‘Model of Hope’ has resumed amid the pandemic.

The Cupertino-based company highlights PRODUCT(RED) contributions and its role in helping Ghana receive much-needed medication.

The Global Fund is the backer of ‘Model of Hope’, a program managed by CHAG, or Christian Health Association of Ghana. The community-based organization seeks to connect those who have tested positive for HIV with those in similar condition.

Central to ‘Model of Hope’ is ART, or antiretroviral therapy medication. However, with the ongoing pandemic those affected were afraid to go to hospitals in fear that they might contract COVID-19.

CHAG senior communications officer Kafui Kornu mentioned how businesses shut down and they had restricted movement when COVID struck. However, the organization was able to continue with the relief efforts and eliminate the hurdles associated with access to ART.

PRODUCT(RED) contributions will continue until 2022, according to Apple.

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