Apple highlights National Park celebration with content and donations


Apple has recently set up a donation campaign and released park-related content in line with the 105th anniversary of the US National Park Service.

Apple Highlights National Park Celebration

Apple’s app of the day is the National Park Service app, and Apple Maps offers 24 curated guides. There are separate apps for hikers and those interested in exploring national parks.

Apple Books and Podcasts have park-related content, while Apple Music has a new ‘Nature Awaits’ playlist. Nature documentaries are put up front and center, as well as ‘The National Parks: America’s Best Idea’ on the Apple TV+ platform. In the Apple Watch, the national park Activity Challenge rewards users for completing a one-mile minimum run, walk, hike or wheelchair workout .

Apple has also pledged to giving $10 for every Apple Pay transaction on its website to the National Park Foundation. The campaign is set to run until August 29 and for the first 100,000 transactions with a minimum of $10.

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