Apple Highlights New Upcoming Emojis As Part Of World Emoji Day


Apple has announced that it will be releasing new emojis as part of the World Emoji Day celebration.

Apple World Emoji Day

In total, there will be 230 emojis, 75 of which have gender options and 59 never-before-seen emoji characters, which should become available this fall and with the release of Unicode 12.

iOS users will see new animal emojis such as the flamingo, skunk, otter, sloth and orangutan, and food such as ice cube, beverage box, butter, falafel, waffle and onion, among others. In terms of poses, gestures and faces there are people holding hands, person standing, person kneeling, pinching hand and yawning face.

There are also new accessibility-related emojis, including the probing cane, motorized and manual wheelchairs, guide dog, person in wheelchair, person with cane, mechanical arm and leg, deaf person and ear with hearing aid.

New emoji will not be included in the iOS 13 but should be one of the major updates for the new iPhone system.


Samantha Wiley

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