Apple Highlights Shot on iPhone Experiments, Featuring Cascade

Apple continues to share stunning video works that were captured entirely on an iPhone XS. The third Experiments iteration, titled ‘Cascade’, was created by James Thornton and Donghoon Jun, in partnership with WET.

The video presents an absolutely enchanting perspective of water in different environments while boasting the hardware capabilities of the XS’s camera. The footage also displays plenty of varieties such as 4K, slow motion and others. Background music is called Watercolors by mmph.

Apple continues with the “Shot on iPhone” series to market the impressive camera of the iPhone XS. Previous ‘Experiments’ video by Apple collaborators allow the viewers to see light, metal, fire and water in entirely new perspectives and made for mesmerizing scenes shot in time lapse, slow motion and 4K.

The iPhone XS is Apple’s 2018 flagship phone that boasts an OLED display. It comes with a new gold case, improved cameras and the newest A12 Bionic chip processor.

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