Apple highlights stories of developers ahead of National STEAM Day

Apple recently interviewed developers and their stories of the apps they’ve made.

November 8 marks National STEAM day, which celebrates science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. To join in on the event, Apple has published content highlighting tips on how individuals can get started. The seven App Store creators, namely Anne Halsall, Amanda Southworth, Sara Mauskopf, Akshaya Dinesh, Nicco Adams, Alandis Seals, and David Alston share their stories and how they were inspired to create their respective apps.

National STEAM Day

Each developer shared a tip on how individuals could begin coding and creating the app of their choice. Some of the recommendations include following curiosity, not being afraid to change directions, cultivating the community, building confidence, seeking mentorship, and paying it forward. In the conclusion, the developers recommend taking the leap at the soonest possible time.

The full story and article can be found at Apple’s official Newsroom page at