Apple highlights third Apple Store in Turkey with giant mural

Apple is preparing to open its third store in Turkey and is promoting it by painting the front and transforming it into a huge mural.

The Cupertino-based company has confirmed that there’s a new Apple Store opening in Istanbul, particularly Bagdat Street in the near future. Opening date for the location is not yet set but Apple has already begun announcing its presence via online store listings and the mural.

Local Turkish artist Murat Palta had been assigned to paint the multi-storey artwork, which covers the whole store front. Apple mentioned that the store will have a garden area and the graphic will be available as a digital download. The company hopes that the garden will serve as inspiration for people and spark their creativity.

The Bagdat Street Apple Store is Apple’s third store in Turkey. The first one was built in Zorlu Mall in 2014 and the second was in Akasya Mall.

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