Apple Highlights Two Developers In This Year’s WWDC19

Apple and developers are getting ready for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference at the San Jose Convention Center. One of its spotlights will be on two individuals out of the 5,000 attendees in the event.

Yale grad student Erika Hairston has recently launched an app called Zimela. The app promotes diversity in the tech industry via mentorships and by career placement opportunity awareness. Erika has recently graduated from Apple Entrepreneur Camp for businesses that were led or owned by women.

AssistiveWare founder David Niemeijer has made a virtual keyboard that can be navigated via a mouse alternative named KeyStrokes. A Keystrokes user emailed Steve Jobs in 2001 and asked that the software be integrated into macOS, which led to a partnership between the two companies.

The 2019 WWDC will have its opening keynote at 10 am Pacific Time on Monday. If you are interested in the event, the WWDC 2019 can be watched live. We’re expecting updates regarding the tvOS 13, iOS 13, watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15 to be announced during the event.

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