Apple hits 1 billion paid subscriptions

Apple announced a one billion paid subscription landmark alongside its fiscal Q3 earnings.

Apple service subscriptions were well on the way to the one-billion mark- the Cupertino-based company finally achieved it with the latest earnings. The subscriptions were mostly attributed to first-party services and also third-party ones, counting each subscription made via the App Store and other services as a direct count.


The Q4 2022 saw 900 million paid subscribers, while in May Apple revealed that its paid subscribers have risen to 975 million. The company’s Services division continuously brings in money, and this year is no different. For the fiscal Q3 report, Apple saw a $21.2 billion revenue which was 8% greater than what it was last year.

Apple earned a total $81.80 billion in revenue for 2023 third fiscal quarter. Along with this, the board of directors said that shareholders will get a $0.24 cash dividend per share.