Apple iCloud settlement comes to less than a dollar

iCloud users in the US are starting to receive emails about the money they will be getting in the class-action lawsuit settlement.

Due to the number of affected users in the lawsuit, the payout for most will be less than a dollar. This applies to individuals who have bought a subscription from September 16, 2015, through January 31, 2016. Participation is automatic, with users not needing to submit any requirement to join the settlement.

Apple iCloud

The actual amount paid to users will depend on several factors, including ordered capacity, the number of accounts, and subscription duration, just to name a few. The class-action lawsuit began in 2019, alleging Apple of breaching iCloud server terms and conditions for its promise of having iCloud data ‘stored by Apple’. However, there was probable cause that the Cupertino-based company stored user data on Microsoft, Google, and Amazon servers.

Apple agreed to pay out $14.8 million as a settlement in March 2022.