Get $10 for free when you add $100 to your Apple ID


Did you know that you could add money to your Apple account? It makes buying music albums, films, or anything from iTunes easier. Apple wants users to know about this and has begun adding 10% extra money as a bonus whenever the wallet is recharged.

Apple giving money for free

However, this is only a one-time offer: a user can avail the 10 percent bonus in their Apple account just once. Also, the offer is only valid till the 14th of March; this offer is open to all Apple users at the moment.

To add money to your account, go to Settings on your iPhone and then enter the “iTunes & App Store” tab. After which, tap on your Apple ID which is visible in the [iTunes & App Store] menu and then tap on “View Apple ID”. In this menu, the “Add Funds to Apple ID” will be present which will reveal the options pertaining to adding money.

The same window when opened between today and 14th of March will present the 10% extra cash offer. It will also show the balance of your Apple account. To add money, if you have TouchID or FaceID enabled, you will be asked to authenticate using the same.

To add funds to your Apple ID using a Mac or a Windows PC using iTunes, first make sure you are logged in to the application. After which, click on “Account” in the top bar and then enter the option “View My Account”. In the same window, the option to add funds will appear in a section named “Apple ID”. Also, adding funds using a desktop doesn’t ask for password or authentication of any kind.

If you have been planning on purchasing something on iTunes, this is very well the best way to earn some credits for free. There are no gimmicks here.

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