Apple increasing sign language interpreters in stores

Apple will be increasing the number of sign language interpreters in Apple Store locations around the globe, which means more hard of hearing and deaf customers will now be able to access Today at Apple events, one on one appointments and more.

ASL interpreters in Apple Stores were first introduced in Washington DC, particularly the Apple Carnegie Library in 2019. Sign language interpreters provide a direct way to communicate in events such as Today at Apple or when shopping for Apple products.

Users can now have a sign language interpreter in stores across the US, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium, Austria and Australia. The service is free and can be requested by going to the store’s dedicated webpage.

Apple has partnered with various organizations before to make its products more accessible to a wide variety of people. Last year Apple collaborated with Gallaudet University to develop an education program using modern tools such as iPads, and provide a scholarship platform.

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