Apple skyrockets in India; records 40% YoY growth

Apple launched the iPhone XR in the United States for $749 which made it a cheaper alternative to the iPhone XS. However, in India, the iPhone XR retailed for an upward of $1,050 and as a result the phone did not exactly sell well. Apple took a while to fix the pricing and it did so aptly by meeting the country’s local assembly requirements.

The iPhone XR now sells for $650 which is almost similar to the pricing of the phone in the US. The price of the phone goes even lower during sales, especially the one’s held by Amazon and Flipkart (Walmart owned e-retailer). 

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Counterpoint Research reports that Apple turned out to be one of the fastest growing brands in India by registering 41 percent growth year over year (YoY). The iPhone grabbed 2 percent of India’s smartphone market share.

Apple had fallen behind the likes of Samsung and OnePlus in India because of the iPhone’s unreasonable pricing. The company appears to now be at work by fixing the pricing problems by working hand in hand with the Indian Government.

The iPhone 11 is subject to charges that is not applicable to the iPhone XR. In 2019, Apple begun assembling the iPhone XR in India and by doing so, has been able to reduce the price of the phone in the country.

It’s unclear whether Apple will start assembling the iPhone 11 also in India. The iPhone 11 is one of the most popular phones around the globe. However, it gets overshadowed by the iPhone XR in India because of the pricing.

AApple is off to a great start with the iPhone XR in India. The company’s accessories have also been doing well in the country. The next big question is when will Apple start assembling the iPhone 11 in India?