Apple internally labels Android as ‘Tracking Device’

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley  - Senior News Editor

Slides from Apple’s ongoing legal investigation reveals that Android devices are labeled as a ‘massive tracking device’

The DOJ antitrust trial is currently centered on Apple’s deal with Google and how the latter was to be the default search engine on iPhones. In a recent statement, Eddy Cue claimed that the company ‘thought it was the best.’ However, new slides showing internal documents reveal Apple’s thoughts on its competitor devices.


The slides came from Eddy Cue and were emailed to Phil Schiller and Tim Cook, and talked about privacy and the growing dangers of abuse and use of information. The document also quoted Eric Schmidt from Google, who said that ‘Google’s policy is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it.’ Other parts have been redacted, but there was mention of Facebook tracking users even as they opted out.

If the decision goes in DOJ’s favor, the deal between Google and Apple will have to be dissolved.

By Samantha Wiley Senior News Editor
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