Apple is planning to release two new iPads in the near future, reports Kuo. Ming-Chi “Kuo” is an analyst for KGI Securities, he is famous for leaking Apple products very early on and has a very accurate track record. 

Apple iPad

The new reports by Kuo suggest that Apple is working on a 10.8” iPad and a 8.5” iPad Mini. The larger 10.8” iPad will reportedly launch sometime this year and the mini 8.5” iPad will launch early next year, according to the report.

The larger iPad mentioned by Kuo is very likely an upgrade to the iPad Air. It was initially reported that the iPad Air will be updated to include a bezel less design and a fingerprint reader under the display.

The current generation iPad Air and iPad Mini feature Apple’s A12 Bionic chip. If Apple is planning to release these two devices sometime this year and next year, they will very likely have the upcoming A14 chip which is expected to ship with the iPhone 12.

The new iPads will reportedly ship new 20W adapters – fast charging. It was initially reported that these same chargers will ship with the upcoming iPhone 12 but that rumour has been reported as false.

We do not know the pricing details of the new iPads. The current generation 10.2” iPad costs $329 but it looks like the upcoming 10.8” iPad will replace the iPad Air. As the iPad Air costs $499 right now, the 10.8” iPad could also cost $499 or something very close to it.

The iPad Mini costs $399 but it is totally possible that the price of the upcoming iPad Mini could be lower than the current generation. Apple usually reduces the prices of its products after a few iterations unless it’s the flagship iPhone.


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