Apple is working on large screen iPads, reports Bloomberg

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By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
2021 iPad Pro

Apple is working on larger screen iPad devices, reports noted Apple reporter Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. He adds that the large screen touch input devices could be released in the next few years but says that they are still in the early phase of development, so the products could be completely shelved as well in the future if deemed not feasible. At the moment, the largest screen size of the iPad happens to be 12.9” which brings it almost closer to the MacBook Air but it is still smaller.

For years, it has been rumoured that the Mac and iPad will be merged and brought closer to each other in the future. However, Apple has said several times that it does not plan to fuse the Mac and the iPad because that it would be absurd to do so. Nonetheless, the company has been working slowly to bridge the gap between both the devices over the years.

2021 iPad Pro

M-series chips to push the iPad towards a new future

Earlier this year, Apple released the updated iPad Pro which is now powered by the M1 chip which also powers the latest versions of MacBook Air, the base model 13” MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, and the 24” iMac. The iPad Pro has always been powerful in terms of hardware but it has always fallen behind in the software department because of its many limitations.

Apple is working on large screen iPads, reports Bloomberg
iPadOS 15

iPadOS continues to have many barriers that do not allow developers to create truly ‘Pro’ grade apps for the device. People still flock to the Mac for performing any important and intensive tasks, as it offers true multitasking features and also the necessary apps for doing so. On the other hand, the iPad is limited with its multitasking capabilities and types of apps that can run on it.

Last year, Apple introduced the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro (and the iPad Air) which brings it closer to the Mac. However, iPadOS needs to actually grow or merge with macOS for the iPad Pro to be considered as a true ‘Pro’ device. 

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