Apple needs to push “Pro” grade apps to the iPad

Apple unveiled iPadOS 15 at its annual developers conference WWDC (2021). The most looked forward to new addition to iPadOS was the rumoured addition of Mac apps on the iPad but that did not happen. The main reason for the expectation was because Apple updated the iPad Pro in April by adding the Mac’s M1 chip to it.

The iPad Pro now runs on the same hardware as that of the MacBook Air, the base 13” MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, and the new 24” iMac. While there are some minor differences, on a whole, the iPad and the Mac have never been closer. The only two differentiating factors are the limitation of the iPad to not be able to run “Pro” grade apps and the lack of touch input on the Mac.

Dear Apple, copy the Surface Pro from Microsoft!

While touch input on the Mac is not the most important thing, as professionals are happy with the way the Mac works. However, the iPad with its very capable hardware can only do so little. The iPad Pro is not cheap, especially the 12.9” model which starts at $1,099 (USD). After spending so much on a “Pro” device, it would make sense to allow the device to run “Pro” apps as well.

The iPad and the Mac continue to grow closer each year with new software updates. However, this year was different, along with a software update, the hardware of the iPad has also been updated to be in line with the Mac. We are not far away from seeing the iPad and Mac come together to create a device similar to the Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro is one of the best machines in the industry. While some people like to use touchscreen laptops, they are not very practical. The Surface Pro, on the other hand, offers the flexibility of a laptop as well as a tablet by offering a detachable keyboard. 

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