Apple issues employee welfare statement after Roe vs. Wade ruling

The US Supreme Court abolished the constitutional right to get an abortion on Friday, giving states the power to either ban or support the act.

In light of the decision, Apple has reminded its employees that they have the right to do what they want regarding their own reproductive health.

Apple Issues Employee Welfare

CNBC recently reported the statement Apple made, and that the company’s comprehensive benefits include out-of-state medical care if it’s not available where they are.

An internal memo sent out last September said that Apple was closely monitoring the Texas abortion law and the legal proceedings that followed it, along with the fact that employees had comprehensive, out of state medical travel benefits should they need it.

Other tech companies have expressed their support, with Meta and Amazon saying that out of state care is also available for its employees, while Google sent an email saying that employees can ask to be relocated without having to explain why.