Apple Issues Warning On Unsolicited Support Calls To iPhone Users

Apple Support calling you but you didn’t report an issue with your iPhone, iCloud or Apple services?

It could be a phishing attempt. The tech giant warns iPhone users about picking up their phone to see why Apple Support is calling them.

Apple Support

Phishing scams are becoming more and more sophisticated. You’ll see the official Apple logo, support number, and even the address to make you believe that it’s really a legit Apple employee calling on a real concern. The person on the other end will attempt to gain your trust and make you give them your iCloud username and password.

Apple has been getting reports from concerned iPhone users on Twitter, stating that they have received such calls and are wondering if their account has been compromised. The response is mostly about security being their priority and links to a page about avoiding phony support calls, phishing, and other scams.

Remember, Apple will NEVER ask you for your iCloud credentials, ID, and password in order to provide additional support.