Apple emerges as largest smartphone brand in China

Apple has surpassed the Chinese smartphone maker Vivo to become the largest smartphone maker in China. The iPhone maker trumped Android makers in October 2021. The recently launched iPhone 13 series drove sales through the roof to create new records.

The sales of iPhone in China grew by 46 percent Month-over-Month (MoM). The increase in sales is the highest among all the smartphone manufacturers in the country. The new iPhones offer many new improvements over the previous generation in terms of battery life, brighter displays, smaller notch, and more.

Solid improvements result in solid sales

“Ever since Huawei’s decline, the top position in China has been changing hands. OPPO became number one in January 2021 while Vivo attained the top position in March 2021,” said Tarun Pathak, Research Director, Counterpoint. “The market dynamics changed again in October with Apple becoming the new one OEM for the first since December 2015.”

At its September iPhone event, Apple unveiled four new iPhones – the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The major improvement happens in the battery department and it’s something that most people seem to appreciate. All the iPhone 13 models offer hours more of runtime compared to the previous generation iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 13: Longer battery life!
iPhone 13: Longer battery life!

The improvement of battery on the iPhone 13 mini is the most important one, as the iPhone 12 mini suffered from bad battery life. Apple promises an hour and a half extra battery life on the iPhone 13 mini over the previous generation. Tech reviewers have confirmed the claims made by the company by saying that the battery life on the iPhone 13 mini is now almost solid.

The regular iPhone 13 lasts for two and a half hours longer compared to the regular iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 Pro lasts an extra hour and a half hour longer compared to the iPhone 12 Pro whereas the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasts an extra two and a half hours longer compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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