Apple Pay users in China will be able to choose from several designs on April 22, Earth Day.

Apple Wallet

Backend code in the Apple Wallet reveals customization options for those who keep their transit cards in their iPhone Wallet app. The designs are labeled ‘Made on iPad’ and can be downloaded at the ‘card art mall’ for free on the App Store. Transit networks in Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Suzhou are all supported.

The colorful designs have Earth Day elements in them, including nature, wildlife, the Earth, and transportation such as railways and planes. Apple Wallet users who use transit cards should be able to access them through the iPhone’s App Store on April 22.

Aside from the new customizations, Apple has launched a new Apple Watch activity challenge for Earth Day. The Cupertino-based company typically celebrates Earth Day with curated content on Podcasts, Apple TV+, and Apple Music, to name a few.


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