Apple launches new AirTags firmware

Apple has launched a new firmware update for its tracking device.

AirTag firmware 2A36 is the newest firmware version after its predecessor, the 2A24e, launched last month. AirTag users who will check into the version number will find that it’s now 2.0.36. As always, Apple is not keen on revealing the full details as to what has been added, nor has there any release notes on its official website.

New AirTags Firmware

AirTag owners will have no way to force the firmware update for their tracking device. However, you can increase the chances by having the AirTag in close proximity to your iPhone and the mobile having a sufficient charge. To check the firmware version, users can go to the Find My app on the iPhone, go to Items and locate the AirTag, then tap the name and the current firmware version will appear.

Apple is rolling out firmware 2A36 today to all AirTag users.