Apple Learning Coach program includes how to use iPad, Mac and iPhone

Apple has recently launched an educator-centric program designed to help them learn how to use Apple products effectively.

Apple Learning Coach is a free learning resource and focuses on Apple technology for the Apple Education Community and classrooms. The lessons are self-paced, and there are virtual workshops as well.

Apple Learning Coach Program

Susan Prescott, Apple VP of Education and Enterprise Marketing says that professional learning opportunities can make a difference in unlocking a student’s potential, and Apple Learning Coach was built to specifically meet the requirement.

Prescott mentioned that there will be new features arriving on the Schoolwork and Classroom apps to improve interactivity in learning. Participants can also extend their education through the Texas Education Agency.

The Cupertino-based company is also expected to debut Apple Education Community, a hub where educators can connect, collaborate, share ideas, and access professional learning resources. US educators can sign up for the Learning Coach platform today until April 19 this year.