Apple Lisa code released on its 40th launch anniversary

California-based Computer History Museum recently made the Apple Lisa source available to the public.

The Apple Lisa was launched originally on January 19, 1983, and today marks its 40th anniversary. The Computer Museum History released the system and apps software to those who are interested in a splash page announcement titled ‘Happy 40th Birthday Lisa!’ and underneath is the text ‘Apple’s Most Important Flop’

Apple Lisa Code

Business enterprise Apple Lisa had a high $10,000 price tag, but experienced floppy disk and software issues, causing it to crash and fail. Apple learned from the mistake and launched the Lisa 2 and Apple Macintosh two years later. The most notable feature of Apple Lisa was its innovative GUI, or graphical user interface.

The Apple Lisa code is included in the museum’s ‘Art of Code’ series, and is available to download through the official Computer History Museum website. A hybrid online and in-person event takes place on January 31.