Apple looking to have the iPhone screen wirelessly charge other devices

A recent patent filed by Apple shows its ambition to allow the iPhone’s screen to wirelessly charge other devices.

‘Through Display Wireless Charging’ is the placeholder for the technology, and details the ability to act as a wireless charger for a second device.

The patent outlines a ‘hybrid display’, where one part of the screen can act as a wireless charger and may or may not show information. Also, the filing suggests how the smartphone or tablet will allow an accessory such as a stylus to be charged wirelessly on the personal electronic device’s face’.

This type of technology is already seen in the iPad and Apple Pencil charging. The patent is an indication of the direction and ideas Apple is taking to further improve its products but may or may not be implemented in the future.

The patent gives credit to eight inventors, including Zaki Moussaoui, whose work involves the non-involvement of CarKey functions with wireless chargers.

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