Apple Mac ad ‘New Beginnings’ revealed

Apple has recently shared a new ad, titled ‘New Beginnings’. It’s part of the company’s ‘Behind the Mac’ campaign and highlights students that were newly admitted into college.

The black and white video features a montage of clips of students who open and read their acceptance letters on Macs. Excited families and students celebrate the momentous occasion and their joy is captured on film.

Apple Mac Ad

Apple first began the Behind the Mac campaign in 2018 and during Apple’s Mac event in November. It was intended to show the ingenutiy and creativity of Apple’s flagship computer. The Cupertino-based company showcased various ads that feature International Women’s Day and big-name celebrities.

The ‘New Beginnings’ video can be viewed on Apple’s official homepage. Currently, it hasn’t appeared on Apple’s official YouTube channel yet.

Previous Behind the Mac ads include celebrities such as RuPaul, Stephen Colbert, Spike Lee, Grimes, Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar and others.