Apple brings Mac and iPad closer with Universal Control


Apple unveiled the next generation of macOS at its annual developers conference. It brings major new features to the desktop operating system such as improved continuity features between its devices, redesigned Safari web browser, and many more. The company has named the release macOS Monterey – the first release after releasing the first batch of Apple Silicon Macs.

Apple brings Mac and iPad closer with Universal Control

The most interesting feature of macOS Monterey has to be ‘Universal Control’ which works in tandem with the iPad. The feature allows users to use the pointing device and keyboard of a Mac computer on other Mac or iPad devices placed in close proximity. It also allows users to drag and drop files between different devices – upto three at a time.

‘Universal Control’ builds atop Continuity and Handoff

For Universal Control to work, users will have to place their Mac and/or iPad device close (unclear how close). It reportedly works based on the Continuity and Handoff features which were released along with the previous versions of macOS. As soon as the devices are brought into close proximity, Bluetooth gets to work and lets devices know that they are close to each other.

Apple brings Mac and iPad closer with Universal Control

The ‘Universal Control’ feature of course only works when all the devices are logged in using the same iCloud account. The feature will not work if different Apple IDs or iCloud accounts are used. 

“macOS Monterey is packed with features that help Mac users get more done, connect with friends and family in amazing new ways, and work across Mac and iPad more seamlessly than ever before,” said Apple’s senior vice president (SVP) of Software Engineering Craig Federighi. “We think our customers are going to love browsing the web with Safari’s new tab design, enjoying shared experiences with SharePlay in FaceTime, and using their Mac and other Apple devices together in new ways with Universal Control and AirPlay to Mac.”

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