Apple last updated the MacBook Air in 2018 at its October event. The update to the laptop was long pending and that is the same case again as the company did not update the MacBook Air in 2019 (except for a slight change in the CPU’s speed). However, it’s not just a spec bump that people are looking forward to but the addition of the new Magic Keyboard from the 16” MacBook Pro onto the 13.3” MacBook Air.

Apple could update the MacBook Air soon

The butterfly keyboard introduced in 2015 with the 12” MacBook is a terrible implementation of a keyboard as it offers very little key travel but morely it is not capable of dealing with small particles of dust. A little bit of dust stuck under the keycaps of the 2018 MacBook Air could make the laptop completely unusable.

Apple will definitely update its MacBook line this year to include the new and improved “Magic Keyboard”. However, it’s unclear whether the MacBook Air will also get the same treatment or not. It’s definitely clear that Apple needs to fix the keyboard scenario, will the company find ways to improve the butterfly keyboard to keep the MacBook Air thin?

The 13” MacBook Pro will very likely get the butterfly keyboard mechanism some time soon. The Pro community of Mac users have been voicing their anger for a very long time and it looks like it’s their time as Apple continues to make “Pro” grade Macs. The company recently launched the much awaited Mac Pro which has its own pros and cons.

Apple will very likely update the MacBook Air in 2020. If you do not have to buy a MacBook Air right now, it would be best to wait another couple of months before making the purchase. The current generation MacBook Air is worth buying considering its issues.


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